Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

Few people are born with a perfect smile. The pearly-white teeth that grace magazine covers and beam from television screens may look perfect, but nine times out of ten, they were not that way to begin with: they have been transformed through the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Our Hilton Head Island dentistry team believes that everyone should […]
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Daily Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

Bacteria can live in your mouth in the form of plaque, causing cavities and gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal (gum) disease. In order to keep your mouth clean, you must practice good oral hygiene every day. What is plaque?Plaque is a sticky layer of material containing bacteria that accumulates on teeth, including where toothbrushes can’t reach. Many of the […]
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Common Dental Issues and Solutions

Thanks to the development of faster and more efficient dental treatments, new pain-free dental techniques, and durable, aesthetically appealing dental materials, modern dentistry now offers a solution for virtually every type of dental problem. Patients of all ages can choose from a multitude of traditional or more innovative general and cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the health and beauty […]
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A Guide to Common Dental Problems

Problem: Tooth DecayAlso known as dental caries or cavities, tooth decay occurs when plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms when you eat sugars or starches, is allowed to linger on teeth for too long. Who’s at risk: Anyone can get a cavity, but children and older people are the most prone. The incidence among children has been declining, thanks […]
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Top 10 Common Dental Problems

Dental problems are never any fun, but the good news is that most of them can be easily prevented. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating properly and regular dental check ups are essential in preventing dental problems. Educating yourself about common dental problems and their causes can also go a long way in prevention. 1. Bad Breath Ifyou suffer […]
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