Bleaching In many people, teeth pick up stains and become darker as time progresses, resulting in appearance of age and dull teeth. Bleaching is a simple, safe and effective means of bringing back whiteness & appearance of vitality to one’s teeth. An initial assessment is made of the safety to bleach, initial color (shade) of tooth, and appropriate procedure to follow. Following this assessment, the doctors at DentalOne will decide on one of many techniques to follow for bleaching. The two most common ones being In Office Power Bleach and Home Bleach. An impression is also taken at this stage, to prepare a custom tray for patient to use at home. Home Bleach is a gradual process that takes about 6 – 10 days to achieve full results, where the patient is given a home bleach kit, and under supervision applies the bleaching gel in a thin plastic tray made specially for the patient. The custom fit ensures safety of the gel and procedure, and it is all done under supervision of the doctor at DentalOne. The patient is constantly reviewed and the progress monitored. In Office Power Bleach is performed at the DentalOne center by the doctors. This procedure is a fast bleach, usually a single sitting. After analysing the case and checking for safety, the doctor will apply a protective layer of resin on the gums, and then apply a power bleach agent to the teeth, for 15 minutes. Typical bleach sessions are 15 minutes sessions of max 2 sessions. There are other options for more involved cases, and the doctor can decide depending on the cases. Book an appointment now for Bleaching evaluation. Ceramic Veneers Veneers are thin additions to teeth, to improve their shape and change the color or shade of the teeth. Ceramic Veneers have a very long life of 15 to 20 years, and are very easy to maintain by the patient. The procedure begins by taking preliminary impressions and preparing a study model. At the same appointment a thorough analysis is done, patient requirements and suitability of procedure is ascertained. A treatment plan is now developed & presented, and once both the patient and doctor are comfortable, the procedure is started. The procedure includes a conservative preparation of the tooth, proper impressions & a provisional veneer. The impressions are sent to the dental laboratory, for a master ceramist to build the ceramic veneers. Once the veneers are ready, they are bonded using special resins and precise technique, to ensure consistent and excellent results. Book an appointment now for Ceramic Veneer treatment