Children have an initial set of teeth, milk teeth, correctly termed deciduous teeth or primary teeth. These are smaller in size, and start coming by the age of 8 months plus, and by the age of 2 ½ years all the primary teeth have erupted in the mouth. By the age of 6 years onwards these teeth start dropping off and are replaced by much bigger adult teeth (permanent teeth). Children usually love eating candies and keep munching through the day. Sugary foods are known to increase the acidity in the mouth and promote decay. Also many children are very fearful about dental treatment. At DentalOne, doctors are trained to treat the children and manage their fears very well. As a result the child is calm, comfortable and allows for all variety of dental treatment to be done. Restorations
  • Restorations or fillings for children is a common requirement. The treatment of choice is removing the decay and infected material and replacing with a special material known as Glass Ionomer, which is protect of the teeth & naturally adhering to the cavity
  • Large decay in the front teeth may require resin based fillings (composites) to be done, and this ensures color matching of the filling to the tooth
  • Generally silver amalgams are nowadays not recommended for children
Oral Hygiene Assessment & Instructions
  • Children need to be taught to meticulously brush their teeth. At DentalOne there is a specific program on hygiene evaluation where the teeth are checked with special stains to evaluate areas of plaque build up
  • These visual aids, help in demonstrating the areas where the child misses brushing, and then a proper brushing technique is taught to the child, who is then motivated to brush effectively
Other types of Dental check-ups
  • Root Canal for children
  • SS Crowns
  • Pit & Fissure Sealant
  • Serial Extraction
  • Sports Guard