DentalOne puts emphasis on rigorous training protocol towards refinement of the clinical practices to provide the best possible care. Every doctor and team member is fully credentialed and licensed (as the position requires), reviewed by peers, and continuously learning and improving. Our quality assurance standards build confidence with our patients so they can trust our dental care and services.

Our training protocol ensures that all our network dentists deliver clinical excellence through:

  • Daily preparation for each patient’s care
  • Mentoring and peer evaluation
  • Continuing education, and professional development
  • Patient record reviews
  • Collaboration with The Dental Specialists
  • Facility design and practice environment
  • Participation in The Dental Practice-Based Research
Daily Preparation for Patient Care

Our practices have held “pre-schedule meetings” at the start of each day to make sure we’re ready and prepared when our patients arrive.

The doctor and team review the following for each patient:

  • Dental and medical history
  • Planned treatment or procedures
  • Specific needs they may have
  • Other considerations to provide quality care in a caring manner
Mentoring and Peer Evaluation As a dental group, we provide consistent opportunities for mentoring, constructive feedback, and professional development at every level: doctors, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and practice managers. Every DentalOne doctor participates in our peer evaluation and mentoring program to help ensure each patient receives necessary and appropriate care. Mentoring is a positive experience at DentalOne because the focus is on learning and growing in our profession to benefit our patients. Continuing Education and Professional Development We promote a culture of continuous improvement and learning. DentalOne doctors invest resources and thought to provide continuing education for themselves and for their teams. We customize our training and development programs so we can better meet the specific needs of our patients. Being a group practice allows us to pool our resources. For example, we are able to bring in local and national experts to conduct seminars and training for our doctors and team members. Our commitment is to provide learning opportunities for professional and personal growth so that everyone is acquiring new skills that enhance our ability to meet patients’ needs. A high-quality continuing education program benefits our patients because the more we know, the better we can care for your needs. Patient Record Reviews DentalOne has a formalized patient record review process to demonstrate and document our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of patient care. Each doctor receives routine reviews by other DentalOne dentists. These reviews evaluate appropriateness of care and proper patient record documentation. Doctors and team members also receive one-on-one feedback as a part of our ongoing peer review and quality assurance processes. We believe that continuous review and feedback improves the quality of care that our doctors and team members provide, and also helps ensure you receive the treatment that’s right for you. Collaboration with The Dental Specialists DentalOne’s collaboration with Dental Specialists allows us to meet most dental needs you or your family may have throughout your lifetime. We provide all general dentistry services and refer to The Dental Specialists when specialty care is required. Our close working relationship with these specialty doctors helps us to provide dental care that is seamless and consistent. Collaboration also provides educational opportunities and professional growth as we work together on behalf of our patients’ needs. Facility Design and Practice Environment Our facilities are professionally designed and appointed so that each location promotes clinical excellence and patient comfort. The environment of our practices is calm and professional, enhanced by exotic design, color, and art. We value the unique strengths that each of our team members contributes. We enjoy working together and have fun while providing excellent care for our patients. Participation in The Dental Practice-Based Research DentalOne supports and actively promotes practice based research and education where are all our network dentists are encouraged to advance in the knowledge of dental practice and ways to improve it. Essentially, it is “practical science” done about, in, and for the benefit of “real world” daily clinical practice.