DENTALONE ACADEMY & FINISHING SCHOOL DentalOne Academy & Finishing school has been formed by a group of highly experienced & renowned dental professionals with the sole aim of forming an organization for dissemination of knowledge and training in the latest fields in Dentistry. There goes a famous phrase – ” To attain perfection is impossible, but if we strive for perfection, we achieve excellence” In todays age of excellence through knowledge and information, and with the rapid pace of evolution in the field of dentistry it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest trends. We at the DentalOne Academy & Finishing school are committed to partner with the dentists not only in providing the expertise for managing your practice but also to play an active role in providing sound and competent information about the status of scientific research and advancements in the field of dentistry. The aim of the DentalOne Academy is to promote the Science and Art of Recent Advances in the Dental field & to impart knowledge on current innovative procedures benefiting all practitioners. To fulfill this objective we have formulated an exhaustive curriculum comprising of Lectures, workshops, and focus group sessions covering Fixed Prosthodontics, complete denture prosthetics, occlusion, full mouth rehabilitation, aesthetics and restorative amongst others. Our curriculum comprises of courses that are meticulously designed cater to the demands of all the strata of dentists, from interns, fresh graduates and experienced practicing dentists. DentalOne offers you these specialised courses in an environment that fosters learning and development equipped with state of the art lecture theatre, pre-clinical work stations and clinical facilities We are committed to the following objectives –
  1. First of its kind Dental Finishing school in the country that aims to bridge the gap between learnings at Dental school and actual clinical implementation in commercial practice
  2. To educate and train general dentists on current treatment philosophies in various specialties
  3. To deliver complete integrated training with high quality skills to help immediately upgrade dental office and patient care