Chipped tooth – Chipping or fracture of teeth is usually as a result of a fall or hit to the tooth. This is not only unpleasant to look at, but also exposes tooth to more damage. There is an easy solution to fix this problem, in a quick & painless manner, by doing tooth coloured fillings (composite) or ceramic veneers. The treatment options depend on the amount of loss of tooth, and the health of the teeth. In either case, the teeth will look just fine, after treatment. You could request for an appointment for getting your chipped teeth fixed or also getting a full smile analysis At DentalOne, the doctors are trained to do a full smile analysis, and do a precision work of restoring the teeth to their naturally perfect state Sensitive teeth – Sensitivity to cold / hot / sugary foods could be due to decay in one’s tooth. Decay or cavity in the tooth, is the most common cause of sensitivity to cold or sweet. This is because the outer hard shell of the tooth, in dental terms called Enamel, has been broken into, and the inner more sensitive layer (dentine) is now exposed to attack. Also if one has fillings in teeth, they could be leaking causing sensitivity. In any case sensitivity is not something to be ignored in the hope it will “go away”, it will not, and would progress to a much bigger infection and damage to teeth. There are no home remedy solutions for this problem. The best is to get one’s teeth checked up at the earliest and treat the decay. The recommended treatment is to clear the decay and place a filling At DentalOne, the doctor will treat the decay, in a painless manner and restore the tooth (filling or cap) in a scientific manner following international standards, ensuring long lasting fillings and the tooth would stop hurting or be sensitive Braces – Braces or Orthodontics (as dentists like to call it) is a way of aligning teeth to get that perfect smile to bring out the hidden beauty in every person. When one has crooked or uneven teeth (called malalignment) or even with protruding teeth, these can be moved to the correct position to showcase a beautiful smile at the end of treatment. This is a procedure best done for children around age of 10 or so, and it is always recommended to get the child evaluated for need for braces. But the treatment is not limited to children only, and now adults also get their braces to correct such misalignment. Misaligned or uneven teeth, prevent thorough cleaning of teeth by brushing, and as a result run a high risk of dental diseases like gum disease (periodontitis) or decay. Hence it is recommended that such a condition be treated soon. At DentalOne, we have some of the finest trained Orthodontists, specialists who will provide optimal treatment to correct these conditions in an organized manner Decay – Decay or Caries is a result of microbial attack on the tooth. This is when the bacteria have an opportunity to dissolve the hard outer shell (enamel) and attack the softer inner region of dentine. It can be seen as dark spots, dark lines, or even frank cavity in the center of the tooth. But many a time, decay develops in the region in between teeth. Decay progresses rapidly and needs quick treatment. Treatment consists of removal of the infected or decayed portions and then replacing it with a suitable restorative material. This procedure is more colloquially called a filling. DentalOne doctors are trained in restoring the original shape and color of the teeth using tooth colored filling materials. DentalOne doctors can do this procedure in a painless manner and due to their extensive training, they are able to restore the tooth to full function, and the fillings will last a long time Decaying teeth need immediate and urgent attention, even if they are showing no sensitivity or pain. It is strongly recommended that one book an appointment now and get their teeth attended to as soon as feasible Need teeth cleaning – Cleaning of teeth is an important procedure, designed to clear the teeth of all tartar (calculus) attached to the tooth. It is also referred to as scaling, and is a safe procedure for all individuals, including pregnant women. Bacteria in the mouth attach to the teeth wherever they are missed during brushing, and over a period of time this film matures and hardens. Such hardened film (calculus) is firmly attached to the tooth, cannot be removed by any home remedies such as brushing, and these are harmful to the gums and bone. Over a period of time, this layer continues to grow and furthers worsens the problem by causing the gums to recede, loosening the teeth and eventually causes loss of teeth. This condition is called Periodontitis, and is a leading cause of loss of teeth. Treatment consists of removing these accumulated scales, in a gentle and effective manner, by means of electronic equipment (ultrasonic scaler) designed specifically for this. The tips are designed not to damage the teeth, but remove the scales. At DentalOne such procedures are done in a painless manner, due to specific training & techniques imparted to our doctors. It is recommended to book an appointment for such a painless procedure. No need of injections too, for this procedure Bleeding gums – is a sign of underlying poor health of the gums (gingivitis). This is as a result of poor oral hygiene and missing some areas of teeth while brushing. This causes accumulation of bacterial film which then proceeds to mature and solidify. This solid film also called tartar (calculus), causes the gums to sell up, and bleed upon brushing or while eating hard foods. If not treated soon, this disease starts to destroy the bone support for the teeth and loosens the teeth, leading to an eventual loss. The good news is that treatment is straightforward and involves cleaning teeth. Occasionally due to advanced conditions, further treatment maybe necessary to correct any residual damage to the gums and bone. It is advisable to book an appointment for cleaning by our doctors at DentalOne Bad breath (Halitosis) – is a frequent undiscovered problem afflicting many. There are many causes for this conditions, including food remaining trapped between teeth & rotting, unhealthy gums , bacteria film on tongue, cavities, etc. Improper brushing & not flossing teeth contribute significantly to this problem. The exact cause needs to be determined by an analysis of oral health as well as Brushing evaluation. Indiscriminate use of mouthwash is also not recommended, and it only masks the underlying problem and does not cure the root cause. The correct approach to bad breath is to get one’s oral health & hygiene evaluated and undergo further treatment as suggested by our doctors at DentalOne At DentalOne, the doctors are trained at evaluating brushing techniques, and will train the patient on correct techniques of brushing & maintenance. Book an appointment now Dental Implants – are very effective and appropriate method of replacing lost teeth. A Dental Implant is a Titanium device that looks like a screw, and is fixed in the bone. This provides a strong base to support an artificial tooth, with all the chewing ability and good looks of a natural tooth. It is a very exact science and needs careful study, planning and the right equipment to effectively treat for an implant case. Implants enjoy a very high success rate and a long life of more than 20 years, going by the current experience of the past 20 years. The procedure involves a minor surgery to prepare the implant site, and place an implant of appropriate size, and wait for healing. Healing is usually between 3 – 6 months, depending on the site, and health of the patient. Subsequently further procedures are done, and restored with fixed teeth in place of the missing teeth. Almost all cases are suitable for treatment with implant, but a thorough evaluation is needed before committing to the procedures. The procedure is done by an expert trained in the intircacies of Implant placement, and at DentalOne, the very best Implant specialist are on the panel. Book an appointment now for Implant evaluation by our experts at DentalOne.